cpd25 Applying to Study Library And Information Science 28th October

The cpd25 'Applying To Study Library And Information Science' event is coming up on Friday 28th October 2011. This is a great opportunity to meet other trainees and find out about the process of applying to study library and information courses. Also look out for other events and visits on the cpd25 site:

See this blog post for a summary of last year's event.

Welcome to 2011-12 programme

Welcome to trainees who have just started their 2011-12 trainee year. We are holding a welcome party for our trainee programme on 11th October 3pm. The programme started out for trainees within the School of Advanced Study Institute libraries, now part of Senate House Libraries, and has extended to include trainees from other London libraries.

We visit a diverse range of libraries, including some training sessions, and trainees get the opportunity to find out about different sectors and network with fellow trainees and librarians. Highlights from last year's programme were visits to the Wellcome Library, Courtauld Institute, Westminster Reference Library, Istituto Marangoni and a training session on Web 2.0 technologies. People will have the opportunity to suggest places they would like to visit, and we hope that people will use this blog to stay in touch. Further information to follow...