Top Ten Tips for Trainees

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A humorous post from the excellent library blog Don't Call Me Miss!, giving some basic advice to incoming trainees:

It’s that time of year when Graduate Trainees start to appear in Libraries up and down the country*. I loved my trainee year, it was oodles of fun, partly because there were four of us and partly because I’d just moved down to the big smoke, but also because librarians are, on the whole, a lovely lot. I learned a lot that year and over the following years and there is some advice that I always like to share with aspiring librarians, whether they like it or not, because giving unsolicited advice is fun. So I present to you….
My Top Ten Tips for Trainees!
Number one: Do not believe a student who says to you that the printer is a. jammed, b. out of toner or c. out of paper. Because 9 times out of 10, by the time you have hauled a load of paper or toner over there, or found the keys and a colleague to show you how to unjam it, you will discover that the printer is actually fine and what they really mean is “I don’t know how to print.”
Number two**: See above, re photocopying.
Number three: Do not show up on your first day in a suit, there’s really no point. You will be in jeans by the end of the week.***
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