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Hello, all- I have managed to conquer my fear of blogging for long enough to follow the links and join- it seems quite good- v. easy. As the 'kind-of-informal-web editor' for the trainee website, I will be looking at the blog a lot and turning your comments into text for the website, which I'll approve with you before it goes online, obviously. Write in about anything, as this is a private blog, just open to those invited. I probably won't be putting everything on the website, but certainly our comments about visits, applying to librarianship courses, our general experiences as library trainees and being in the University of London, will be turned into fodder for our (soon to be) beautiful website- so start blogging- I'll be watching you!

All the best,

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for that message! I hope everybody will be active. I've just entered your email address into a field where it said it would email you whenever something new is being published. Let's see if that works...

    See you soon,


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