Music in Public Libraries

Hey All,

This is an article about playing music in Public libraries. Any opinions? I go from pole to pole on this one.

Ah! none of my hyperlinks will go live, you'll have to copy and paste!


  1. There you go, now it links ;-)
    How you make it link: Highlight the text you want to link to a certain website, click on the linking symbol (looks like a lying eight) in the toolbar, paste the url into the window that pops up

    I have no idea why this is so complicated here... even google isn't perfect ;-)

  2. Thanks Sonja, I have been doing that and it appears in the edit part but not in the live blog! Any idea why that might be? Is it me?

  3. No, it took me some time to get it right too and I can't really tell you what made it work... But I will once I find out ;-)


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