Beyond Google

Months ago in the CILIP gazette I saw a small article by Martin De Saulles at the University of Brighton who has developed a programme called "Beyond Google: Developing Training Skills for Library and Information Professionals". The programme has been funded by the Higher Education Academy Development Fund. He offered to send a copy to the first 20 people who emailed him. I did and he has now asked me for comments. I told him about our training programme and he offered to send more copies if the recipients would give him comments.

Would anyone like a copy with a view to keeping it and in return emailing him some comments. He would like to use them to get funding to develop his programme further


  1. Wow- that sounds cool! I'll take a copy if possible, I would definitely be interested in sending him feedback on it.

  2. Sheena, you are so in touch with everything! That sounds great, I would like to take a copy and be glad to give some feedback.


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