UCL Interview

I had my interview for the UCL MA in Library and Information Studies on the 5th of February. I was interviewed by Vanda Broughton and Lucy Gildersleeve; they were both very friendly and immediately put me at my ease. We started off by talking about my role and responsibilities at the Institute of Classical Studies Library. This then lead on to my previous experience working in a bookshop and in several libraries. They didn't actually ask questions, it was really much more of an informal chat. The conversation mainly dwelt on my working life, rather than my studies. We then talked about my thoughts regarding the options I might take if I got a place on the course. They were also quite keen to talk about funding possibilities, so that took up some of the discussion as well. Throughout the interview I was encouraged by their honesty and openness, and that meant that I felt as relaxed as I possible (considering the situation!) Overall, a very positive experience, no matter what the outcome is.

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