IT Training Courses

Here the dates for Richard's next HTML and Dreamweaver courses:

HTML/XHTML – Level 1 – Web Development – Tuesday 03/03/09 - 10am-5pm

Dreamweaver 8 – Level 1 – Web Design/Development – Tuesday 10/03/08 - 10am-5pm

The courses are free for Central University staff. However, there is a fee for all other UoL staff:
Attendance on an in-house IT training course = £75 per person, per day (for a participant who is not registered to undertake the ECDL with us).

For any participant registered to undertake the ECDL here at UoL, the costs are:
- £28 for the ECDL registration
- £7 per module test (minimum of 7 = £49)
- £7 per re-sit test (if applicable)
- IT training (optional) £60 per person, per day.

IT training courses include access to our e-learning platform and all materials are provided (in a paper copy manual).

I think whoever has done a course so far will agree that they are fabulous. Richard is very helpful and his enthusiasm for the subject is just great.

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  1. Re. Sonja's post above- i can only recommend the University of London computer training courses. they are fantastic- and most people know that I love Richard Clark, the amazing IT guy! The HTML course is quite difficult though, and if you only choose one course to do I recommend the Dreamweaver. I'm trying to get through the ECDL at the moment and am being v. undisciplined re. the tests- I better get myself in action!


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